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L-COMP Metal Scissor Attic Ladder 31.5" x 23.5"

L-COMP Metal Scissor Attic Ladder 31.5" x 23.5"

  • Description

    L-COMP attic ladder has a single-sealing and a 1.02 in thickness hatch in white color on both sides. This model is equipped with a metal extendable ladder which ensures easy folding and unfolding. L-COMP is a special extended ladder that is suitable for rooms up to 122.05 in high. The construction of the ladder consists of s-shaped black powder-coated links that provide a modern, aesthetic finish and a load capacity of up to 352 lbs.


    • Metal scissor extendable ladder
    • Single-sealing hatch
    • Maximum ceiling height: 122.05 in
    • R-value: 4.65 ft2·°F·h/BTU
    • Maximum load up to 352 lbs
    • Actual size: 31.5 in x 23.62 in
    • Rough opening: 32.28 in x 24.41 in
    • Box clearance: 30.08 in x 22.2 in


  • Technical Specification

    Insulated hatch thickness: 1.02 in
    The thickness of thermal insulation: 0.79 in
    Hatch color on both sides: White
    Metal ladder: 11 sections
    Height of wooden box: 5.31 in
    Ladder width: 15.35 in
    Step width: 13.58 in
    Step depth: 3.15 in
    Landing space: 86.61 in
    Opening distance/angle: 104.33 in
    Maximum ceiling height: 122.05 in

    The dimensions of the ceiling opening must be 3/4″ larger than the outer dimensions of the box.
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